How to Properly Use a Plunger to Unclog a Toilet, Sink or Tub

There are a few plumbing-related tasks that a normal (read: untrained) homeowner can do. Unclogging a clogged toilet, tub or sink is one of them. Most people own a plunger, since they’re standard “bathroom gear,” but don’t know how to properly work one, and make this task harder than
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4 Tips on How to Get the Most out of Hiring a Professional Plumber

There are a number of small tasks that homeowners can handle on their own. Unclogging drains and draining hot water heaters are just two of these. However, when it comes to larger tasks, like repairing broken pipes, installing faucets and toilets, and tackling tough drain clogs, it’s
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Faucet Finishes

Sink and tub faucets come in a number of different finishes. Choosing the best ones for your kitchen or bathroom can be tricky, as you need one that will last, as well as match your décor. Once you’ve narrowed down the general style that you’d like to have in your house, the nex
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Water Saving Toilet

How To Buy The Right Toilet (Water Saving)

Many people go to their local home improvement stores to buy a toilet – only to be shocked at how oddly complicated the process seems. Buying a toilet sounds like a simple task, but there are so many different models available that you can easily get overwhelmed looking for the right
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How to Prevent Root Infiltration

Root infiltration occurs when tree roots grow into your pipes. While this usually happens out in your yard where the pipes run underground, it can also happen to the pipes inside of your house if a tree is located close enough. Over time, the roots will break down the pipes and cause
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Traditional Water Heater

How to Shut Down a Water Heater in an Emergency When Water Heaters Fail

There is nothing worse than a plumbing emergency, especially when it involves having to turn off your hot water heater. Whether the problem is caused by a leak in the system that causes flooding, or by an accumulation of water in your basement that threatens the integrity of your hot
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Tankless water heater

What You Should Know About Tankless Water Heaters

When most people picture a water heater, the first thing that comes to mind is the traditional variety that comes with a tank. The tank holds hot water, making it easy to run a hot shower or use hot water to wash the dishes when needed. However, there are more eco-friendly models know
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Air Conditioner

Top 3 Things Consumers Should Know About Air Conditioning

The most that the average person knows about their air conditioning unit is how to turn it on and how to set the temperature to one that is cool enough to be comfortable. Many people do not exactly how an air conditioner works, how to properly maintain it, and how when to call in an e
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Water Drain

Choosing The Right Drain Cleaners

There are a number of over the counter drain cleaners available. Some are conveniently sold in grocery stores, while others appear only on the shelves of home improvement stores. Before you reach for the nearest bottle to clear your clogged sink or shower drain, you need to know the d
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